Pure aesthetics. Highest performance.
Finest Espresso.

Pure aesthetics. Highest performance. Finest Espresso.

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LIGRE stands for the highest quality and performance in tune with lightness, creativity and beauty.

Design lovers and expresso experts are expected to love our products as much as we do. Therefore, during four years of development, we have passionately created extraordinary products with the courage for innovation and the expertise of the Gronbach company, which has been specializing in premium household appliances for decades.

LIGRE youn

Aesthetic, innovative and contemporary. The LIGRE youn is many things. Above all a portafilter machine that strives to get as close as possible to the perfect coffee taste.

How close? As if it was made by a barista. With a white jacket.
In a small bar in Milan. On a Sunday. At 12:00 noon.


LIGRE siji

A coffee grinder with pleasant acoustics, in which you can hear decades of experience. A patented, advanced grind by weight technology with a precise output accurate to the tenth of a gram.
A seamless design. Is that still a coffee grinder?
Or already a clockwork?


LIGRE taha blend

The LIGRE taha blend reminds you of dark chocolate with tender nuances of roasted nuts. Our café sommelier carefully composed this blend for the best taste from different kind of beans and from different origins. The presets of our siji coffee grinder and youn espresso machine are perfectly tailored to this blend. LIGRE enables you to create delicious barista espresso and cappuccino at home.


Current press reports

“The reinvention of the portafilter machine”


"Espresso with a plug & play feeling”

Süddeutsche Zeitung

“More elegant Espresso for the home: new high-end machine for coffee lovers.”

World on Sunday

"A good Espresso can be so simple. The most intensive project for them: Ana Relvao and Gerhardt Kellermann worked with the LIGRE youn a shapely but also innovative one Espressomachine designed.”


“Precise, high-quality, perfectly shaped: The “Youn“is the masterpiece among portafilter machines”


“The award-winning portafilter machine LIGRE youn sets new standards”